Corrosion Under Insulation – Insights from SGS

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CUI, corrosion under insulation, does not have to be a perennial issue. Preventing moisture ingress may be, but CUI happens over time and with the right strategies moisture can be detected before it initiates CUI.


What is CUI? How to properly manage an insulation system? What benefits can I get?

There is no doubt that industry has taken the issue of corrosion under insulation (CUI) seriously over the last 40 years. The volume of data on the history, causes and challenges associated with CUI is expansive. That data, as comprehensive as it is, has not lead to a discernible decrease in the instances of CUI.

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This is reflected in the investment and research that continues today by OEMs, research institutes and mechanical integrity teams. These facts lead some to conclude the issue is in fact unsolvable. Better technology is needed that can evaluate components through insulation more accurately or monitoring systems that can predict the failure before it happens.

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